Turn Athletic Excellence into Business Success
The Job Search Playbook

I show anyone who has experienced success in sports (retired or current professionals, former college players, amateur athletes and weekend warriors) how to turn the mindset, skills and commitment of the serious athlete into a winning formula for business success.

It’s a start-to-finish, from sofa to C-suite guide that takes athletes with a history of hard work, clear focus and competitive spirit from field, rink or arena to boardroom, sales desk or trading floor.

WIN AGAIN simplifies your job search, transforming what’s often a complicated, stressful experience into a series of simple, actionable steps that drive results.

The book outlines my method of creating and implementing a smart, systematic strategy that leverages a background in athletic excellence to jump-start a business career. 

You will be guided from your first anxious “what now?” through identifying, competing for and landing your dream job.

Mark Moyer

What People Are Saying About WIN AGAIN:

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    Kevin Dahl

    NHL Player and Olympian.

    “WIN AGAIN is a great resource not only for me, but for the hundreds of athletes who I’m providing much of Mark’s career advice to through my VIKTRE and NexGoal websites. Mark truly understands what is required to get an athlete up off the couch and into the office, and delivers his tips in an easy step-by-step way that we can all absorb and use imme- diately. I not only recommend that my athlete clients read WIN AGAIN, but urge you to read it too, it will definitely jumpstart your career!”

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    Michael Moriarty

    MLB Player, Coach and Scout

    “WIN AGAIN is well organized and easy to read. Some of the advice covers things that I’ve already been doing, which is good, but there is a lot of great info in the book that really caught my attention because it is so simple to do, and clearly is advice that nobody else seems to be using or teaching. I like the fact that Mark gets right to the point, and doesn’t go on too long when trying to get his strategies across. If you want to have the edge when competing for your next great position, this is the resource to go to, and Mark is just the guy to deliver it.”

  • Theoren Fleury

    NHL All-Star and Olympian

    “I wish I had WIN AGAIN to use as a guide while I was playing and even after I retired. Mark makes it very easy for all current and retired athletes to follow his guidance to transition into business. In fact, I’ve been using his strategies now to boost my current speaking business. You will see that Mark’s tips will benefit you not just now but for years to come. Make sure this is the next book you read!”

Take A Glimpse Inside WIN AGAIN!

"Imagine a stadium filled with retired amateur and professional athletes. How many of them, do you think, have transitioned to a satisfying business career? My educated guess: barely enough to field one team. That’s too many on the sidelines and not enough in the game!
Most retired athletes struggle to reinvent themselves after years of complete immersion in what they believe they were born to do. And all those high school and college athletes who are banking on going pro…what happens to the ones who aren’t chosen?
If you were an amateur, collegiate or Olympic athlete, you spent most of your free time training for the sport you love. You used your formative years to improve and dominate in your sport. There was little time left to dedicate to education, much less to personal relationships that could benefit you in a professional life outside of the game.
The transition from athlete to employee can seem rough.
But it doesn’t have to be that way."
Whether you were a professional or an amateur athlete, you always played your heart out. Throughout your time in your chosen sport, you believed you were doing what you were born to do.
Athletes, however, have brief careers, and most end their sporting lives in high school or college. For a dedicated few, there’s the glory of the Olympics and professional sports, but even these careers end long before an athlete’s working life is over. What do you do after you’ve donned your uniform for the last time?
I have the answer. I am an experienced career coach and executive recruiter, I know that the skills, the work ethic, and the competitive mind-set you cultivated as an athlete will serve you well in the corporate world.
Using my proven Win Again method, you’ll discover how to define your ideal job and work toward it. You’ll turn strangers into allies and grow your network as you position yourself for interviews, negotiate offers, and anticipate your prospective employer’s needs.
Insightful and full of actionable steps, WIN AGAIN helps you transition from the playing field to the boardroom. Yes, there’s competition in the corporate world, but you’re used to competing. You’ve already got an edge!

About Mark

Mark Moyer is uniquely qualified to understand and address the challenges of professional or retired athletes who want to launch a second career in the business world. With 25 years of experience in both recruiting and career coaching, he brings a unique dual perspective to the job search: he can think like a hiring manager at the same time as he motivates and develops a strategy for the candidate. 
He’s worked with people at all stages of their careers, from recent grads to seasoned executives, in a wide range of businesses. In recent years, Mark has combined his specialized expertise with a lifetime love of sports to meet the needs of a powerful but underserved population: those who have excelled as athletes and now want to transition to the corporate arena.  
Mark’s targeted, no-nonsense approach motivates, energizes and inspires confidence. He backs up the “what” of his instructions with the "how and why" job-seekers and career-changers need to step out of the sidelines and stay in the game. With Mark in your corner, you’ll feel like you’ve got a coach, teammate and superfan rolled into one. 
Moyer is a frequent speaker and panelist at universities and career seminars, and remains an active member of Colgate University’s alumni community. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and three children and enjoys playing ice hockey, softball, and golf as well as the guitar and piano.

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